Color: Red Mackerel Tabby (Solid Red)
Birthdate: March 14, 2002
Breeder: Becky & Dave Lovall
Owner: Susan Blevins
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Tabasco of Coonwyck; Red classic tabby/white EC Oldestage Wild Bill; Brown classic tabby/white Capecoon Billy The Kit of Oldestage; Brown classic tabby/white

Capecoon Chuckleberry;

Brown classic tabby

CH Capecoon Righteous Rider
GC Coonmora Fyrefoot of Capecoon

Capecoon Amelia;

Brown classic tabby/white

SGC Mr Mad Dash of Capecoon
CH Willowplace Diamond of Capecoon
Katenaicoons Kodiak of Oldestage; Brown classic tabby

SGC Denalicoons Wickersham;

Brown classic tabby

SGC,RW Rascoons Toklat of Denalicoons
GC Alyeskoons Teklanika of Denalicoons

Hadakat Northern Dancer;

Brown classic tabby

Hertzmick Mufasa of Hadakat
Rainbows M&M Sarah
EC Willowplace Cholula; Red mackerel tabby Willowplace Peachtree; Cream mackerel tabby

SGC Megacoon Rocking Cyrus;

Brown mackerel tabby

SGC,RW Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky,OS
Koontucky Millicent of Alacoon

Willowplace Showboat;


Willowplace Coop Deville
DGC Willowplace Clementine
Dorwill Kaleidoscope; Brown patch tabby/white

CH Mysticoon Gambit of Caribcoons;

Red classic tabby/white

SGC Mysticoon Luke Skywalker
Cooncreole Anastasia of Mysticoon

GC Dorwill Funky Diva;

Brown classic tabby/white

GC Lawhilcoon Oliverhope of Coonalley
Dorwill Glory of Coonalley
CH Coonwyck Remembering Emma; Brown patch mctabby GC Rangerwoods White Cedar; Red classic tabby/white GC,RW Idlemaine Butler of Texas Belle, DM; Black/white

GC Idlemaine Dream Catcher;


GP,RW Groovycats Night and Day
CH Dirigo Mint Pattie of Idlemaine

GC Magicoons Song & Dance of Idlemaine; Brown classic tabby/white

GC Terrificats Tres Equis
GC Magicoons Sparkles
CH Rumford Mahogany Kiss of Rangerwoods; Red classic tabby

GC,RW Rumford Boxcar Willy, DM;

Red classic tabby

GC Beauport Jackson Brown of Rumford
CH Oldechelsea Murphy Brown of Rumford

CH Koontucky Gracie Allen of Rumford;

Brown patch tabby

TGC Gentlegiants Purrci Faith
SGC,IW Koontucky Tabasco Cat
GC/CH Rangerwoods Alexis of Coonwyck; Brown mackerel tabby CH Rangerwoods Smoky Bear; Brown mackerel tabby

GC Purricoon Arthur Coonan Doyle, DM;

Brown mackerel tabby

QGC Januwin Chip of Purricoon
QGC Heidi Ho Coon Victoria, DM

CH Heartland Sweetgums of Rangerwoods; Brown classic tabby

CH Weysha Almost Magic of Heartland
CH Heartland Girl Talk
CH Purricoon Sassyfras of Rangerwoods; Brown classic tabby

GC Purricoon Bohemian Zebulon;

Brown classic tabby

DP Mary B Drogo Baggins
GC Purricoon Cooncatenation

GC Gerlingcat Katie of Purricoon, DM;

Brown classic tabby

GC,RW MtKittery B B Bridger of Two Chats
GC Gerlingcat Princess Leia

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