Brown classic tabby

February 9, 2002


His parents are:

GC Moosecoons Cherokee Cinnamin Sugar &

CH Royalcoons My Mohican of Moosecoons



Shenny is such a doll - he is so loaded with personality and such a sweet goof, his unofficial nickname is Monkey Boy, because he plays and jumps around like a little lunatic :-) He does have his quiet times too, and enjoys cuddling, having his neck scratched or just long luxurious petting by any human.



This boy is not shy - he's the first to greet any visitors to the house, and at cat shows, he rolls around in his cage and flirts with everyone he sees!

In April 2003 Shenny attained his Grand Premier title - Yea for Shenny!



Geez, I just wish I could keep them all.... I got lucky and found a wonderful home for the Monkey boy with Michel and Jan in MI where he'll have a handsome Coonwyck boy to play and be buds with - I'll miss him!



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