CH Stacalone Chinook of Moosecoons

Color: Black & White
Birthdate: May 2, 2003
Breeder: Stella Gaylor & Terri Miller
Owner: Susan Blevins
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Coonpulsive Rio Grand of Stacalone; Brown classic tabby/white SGC,RW Coonpusive Big Bend; Brown classic tabby GIC MtKittery Bemis; Blue classic tabby

CH Hillside Sasquatch of Adventhill;

Brown classic tabby

TGC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, OS
Hillside Belle Epoque

QGC MtKittery Perry;

Brown classic tabby

SGC MtKittery Macwahoc
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, OD
Coonpulsive Desert Clouds; Brown classic tabby

Coonpulsive Desert Rhythms;

Brown classic tabby

CH MtKittery Bowdion of Coonpulsive
CH Coonpulsive Desert Moon Song

Mainberg Sunsation of Coonpulsive;

Brown classic tabby

GC Mainberg Duplication
Hovden Bugle's Miss Britaini
Coonpulsive Castine Bay; Brown classic tabby/white CH Amkat Reno of Coonpulsive; Silver classic tabby

SGC/GC Amkat Remington Steele;

Silver classic tabby

TGC Maineline Spenser of Kittykoon
Yofranlin Snow Crystal of Amkat

Coonyham Lucina of Amkat;

Blue-silver classic tabby

QGC Cooncreole Beausoleil of Coonyham
Coonyham Rhiannon, OD
CH Luv-A-Coon Meadow Magpie; Black/white

Angtini Rambo Rocky of Luv-A-Koon;

Brown classic tabby/white

GC,RW Angtini Hobie Cat
GC McKittycreek Dandelion of Angtini

CH Seascape McCoy of Maycoons;

Brown classic tabby/white

SGC Willowplace Argus of Seascape
Willowplace Vanessa of Seascape
CH Stacalone Eleanor Rigby; Brown classic tabby/white XTC Dust-In-The-Wind of Stacalone; Silver classic tabby GC Robin-of-The-Hood of XTC; Brown mackerel tabby/white

GC,PR Murex Lord Bartholemeow Quigibo;

Red classic tabby/white

GC Murex Machus of XTC
CH Willabelle Hell N Reddi of Murex

CH Lady Tiffany Alexandrite of Tfaz;

Brown mackerel tabby

CH Nephrani Diamond Jim of XTC
CH Thecathut Sapphire Star Pomcat, DM
CH XTC Whispers of The Dragon; Silver mackerel tabby

GC Mainere Luc Skywalker of Coonchai;

Brown classic tabby

GC Kanab Luanne's Peach Schnapps
CH Maindieval Gwenevere of Mainere

CH Maid Marion of XTC;

Silver mackerel tabby

CH Nephrani Diamond Jim of XTC
CH Madame Crystal Fantasy
Stacalone Ebony & Ivory; Black/white GC Coonpulsive The River of Stacalone; Brown classic tabby

CH Amkat Reno of Coonpulsive;

Silver classic tabby

SGC/GC Amkat Remington Steele
Coonyham Lucina of Amkat

TGC Coonpulsive Coos Bay;


CH MtKittery Bowdion of Coonpulsive
CH Navkatz Sea Breeze of Coonpulsive
Stacalone Mistic Eyes; Tortie/white

Sarajen Alabama Slammer;


DGC Capecoon Sturgis of Sarajen
TGC Willowplace Absinthe of Sarajen

Lawhilcoon Rosalinda's Eyes;


Lawhilcoon JW Redhope of Seaford
GC Lawhilcoon Lady Chanshope

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