Moosecoons Rum Runner

Color: Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby
Birthdate: September 28, 2007
Breeder: Susan Blevins
Owner: Susan Blevins
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Moosecoons BB; Brown mackerel tabby/white GC Moosecoons Red Coon Risin'; Red classic tabby/white GC,RW Dorwill Raisin' Kane of Coonalley, DM; Brown classic tabby/white

GC Lawhilcoon Oliverhope of Coonalley;

Brown classic tabby/white

GC,RW Allmykittens Tevor D of Francoonia
CH Katoklix Carolinahope of Lawhilcoon

Dorwill Glory of Coonalley;

Brown classic tabby

SGC, IW Seascape Ceasar of Dorwill
SGC Willowplace Kayla of Dorwill
CH Beau-Maine Nittawosew of Moosecoons; Silver patch tabby/white

GC Ramshead Dreamweaver of Beau-Maine;

Cameo classic tabby

GC Coonpulsive R2D2 of Amkat
CH Cameowcoons Blaise of Ramshead

Honeycoon Miragemaker of Beau-Maine;

Brown mackerel tabby/white

SGC Honeycoon Brown Beowulf
CH, PR Honeycoon Trail-of-Broken Hearts
GC Moosecoons Oota Dabun; Brown patch mctabby/white GC Smokeycoons Ruff Rider of Cabincoon; Brown classic tabby/white

QGC Luvpaws Maverick of Wyndabbey;

Blue-silver classic tabby/white

CH Capecoon Space Cowboy of My-Luvpaws
CH Pandomainea Willow of My-Luvpaws

SGC, RW Pinecoon Kissme Kate of Smokeycoons, OD; Brown classic tabby/white

SGC, IW Pinecoon Buckskin Harry

TGC Willowplace Lindy Hop of Pinecoon

GC Coonwyck Talutah of Moosecoons; Red mackerel tabby

Bonfires Tabasco of Coonwyck;

Red classic tabby/white

EC Oldestage Wild Bill of Bonfires
EC Willowplace Cholula of Bonfires

CH Coonwyck Remembering Emma;

Brown patch mctabby

GC Rangerwoods White Cedar
GC/CH Rangerwoods Alexis of Coonwyck
CH Moosecoons Yakama; Red-silver classic tabby/white GC Beau-Maine Liluye; Red-silver classic tabby GC Ramshead Dreamweaver of Beau-Maine; Red-silver classic tabby

GC Coonpulsive R2D2 of Amkat;

Red-silver classic tabby

SGC/GC Amkat Remington Steele
CH Navkatz Sea Breeze of Coonpulsive

CH Cameowcoons Blaise of Ramshead;

Brown classic torbie

CH Lakecountry Cochise of Pawstuctaway
CH Great Works Shoshonee of Cameowcoons
Unicornfarm Brittany of Beau-Maine; Silver classic torbie

CH Morecats Domino of Unicornfarm;

Brown classic tabby/white

CH Skimble King-of-Hearts of Morekats
CH Joppacats Lady Josie of Morekats

Unicornfarm Desdemona;

Silver classic torbie/white

Unicornfarm Aah Pooh of Katchela
Mewamor Elain
CH Moosecoons Chepi Faire; Blue-silver mackerel torbie/white GC Moosecoons Cherokee Cinnamin Sugar; Red classic tabby/white

CH Noogats Rhone-Ranger of Kanab;

Brown classic tabby

GC, GP, RW Noogats Fooey-Poucet
CH Noogats Christine Lableue

Kanab Luanne Tlingit Moosekitty;

Brown classic torbie/white

CH Kanab Luanne Los Abrigados Resort
Kanab Luanne Mexican Hat
CH Pacificoons Bacardi of Moosecoons; Silver mackerel torbie

CH Ryanplace Shelby of Pacificoon;

Red classic tabby

SGC McInkats Headed For The Future
SGC Ryanplace Rorschach

Taraknoll Kiska of Pacificoon;

Silver mackerel tabby

GC Chessmates Grandmouser Katspurrow
Caralee Tara of Taraknoll

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